Late is a real-time public transit application for the Nokia N9 and N950 Harmattan phones.  It works with any transit agency that uses NextBus and provides public access to their information.

Basic Usage Information

The homescreen when starting Late

When starting the application, a view similar to above is shown.  You can select Agency, Route, Destination and Stop to change them.  Each item will provide a list that is relative to the list entry above it, and will allow quick navigation.

The top of the application has two buttons which are always visible.  Pressing the title, “Late”, will always return you to the home screen.  The three vertical dashes on the right side of the titlebar is a menu button.  The menu will provide basic navigation and additional version information about the application.  The “About Page” will also include a button to remove all content Late has cached on the phone.

The bottom shows a toolbar that provides quick navigation to most features in the application.  The left button, an arrow pointing left, will return to the previous page or quit the application if already on the homescreen.  The circular arrows button will refresh the currently shown prediction, or if on the homescreen, will load a prediction for the currently shown Agency/Route/Destination/Stop.  The button with the circular arrow and checkbox will provide a history of recently viewed stops, including across multiple agencies.  The star will provide a list of bookmarked stops, if any.

Inside of the History and Bookmarks screens, there will be a trashcan button that will empty out the history/bookmarks.  Each entry can be clicked on to immediately load a prediction.

Prediction Screen

The Prediction screen will show the current arrival estimates for the selected stop.  The top will indicate the Agency, Route and Stop currently shown.  Each individual prediction will indicate the destination/direction of the vehicle.  The star to the right of this text will toggle it as a bookmark.

Clicking on a prediction will expand it to show the vehicle id.  At the bottom of the screen, a message window may be present to show any current broadcast messages from the transit agency.

To report any bugs, please send a coherent description with all relevant information in English to late at